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New FV video promotes instant runoff voting in NYC

New FV video promotes instant runoff voting in NYC

We released a video today promoting instant runoff voting (“IRV”, also known as ranked choice voting), explaining its rising prominence in the New York City political landscape. This comes as the Mayoral Charter Revision Commission has concluded a round of public hearings in each borough as well as sessions with experts on several issues, including one specifically on IRV.

The video explains how simple this system of voting is and describes the benefits of IRV like reducing election costs, increasing voter turnout, and making the elective process more inclusive. In New York City, IRV would be valuable both as a means to consolidate the citywide primary elections into one round of voting and to replace other city primaries where winners do not need to reach out to a majority of voters to win.

The Mayor’s Charter Revision Commission has been holding a series of expert panels on issues focusing around civic engagement, electoral access, and campaign finance reform. One of the ideas which has received overwhelming support among good government officials and prominent elected officials is IRV. The commission will decide on a final list of recommendations to be on the November ballot of this year.

New York City Council Member Brad Linder has become an enthusiastic supporter of this electoral reform for his city.

“Instant runoff voting is a win-win-win,” Linder said. “It saves money and gives encouragement for all candidates to campaign in all communities, so it really makes enormous sense.”

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If you're a New Yorker, sign our petition by adding your name to a growing list of New Yorkers that support Instant Runoff Voting. 

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