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Multi-member districts mean fair representation, less gerrymandering

Multi-member districts mean fair representation, less gerrymandering

Gray Television reporter Kellie Meyer recently visited the FairVote offices while reporting on a story about Pennsylvania’s gerrymandering case. She sat down with Drew Spencer Penrose, FairVote’s legal and policy director to talk about the implications of the state’s Supreme Court decision which ordered its congressional maps to be redrawn, because it found them to be unfairly gerrymandered by Republicans who control the state legislature.

Penrose offered a perspective that not enough people are considering as a means to fairly deal with the gerrymandering issue.

“If we really believe in fair representation we need to start thinking beyond the use of single winner districts," he said.

Capture.PNGPenrose added since the majority of Pennsylvania’s Democrats are more tightly clustered, such as in the greater Philadelphia area, then any re-districting is still going to have a Republican bias.

As a remedy, he said alternatives like using ranked choice voting to elect electing multiple candidates per district, could diminish that bias.

Meyer mentioned a bill currently in Congress that would call for such a change (H.R. 3057, the Fair Representation Act).

Watch the segment here (1:54)

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