Model Legislation

Model Legislation

FairVote has worked with experienced attorneys and legislative drafters to ensure that its model legislation meets best practices.

Model statute (single and multi-seat RCV)

Model Constitutional amendment or city charter amendment

Model resolution for a political party or other organization


Legislation Used in Jurisdictions

Maine: text of citizen initiative for ranked choice voting

Berkeley (CA) charter provision

Oakland (CA) charter provision

San Francisco (CA) charter provision

San Leandro (CA) city ordinance

Memphis (TN) charter provision

Ferndale (MI) charter provision

Minneapolis (MN) charter provision

Minneapolis (MN) city ordinance

Las Cruces (NM) city ordinance

Santa Fe (NM) city charter (Sec. 4.06)

Santa Fe (NM) city ordinance

St. Paul (MN) city ordinance

Portland (ME) charter provision

Takoma Park (MD) city ordinance

Telluride (CO) ballot measure (Question 202)

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