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Missed FairVote’s Week of Action? Here are the Highlights!

Missed FairVote’s Week of Action? Here are the Highlights!

FairVote’s Week of Action featured thousands of participants learning and sharing about ranked choice voting (RCV).  We’d like to thank every single one of them for taking the time to support this movement. 

If you didn’t have the chance to participate, don’t worry––we have you covered. Check out the week’s highlights below.
The week got off to a great start on Sunday, May 3rd with a Zoom kick-off event featuring more than 150 good-government enthusiasts. There, participants split into breakout rooms of 6-8 people to learn more about RCV and to brainstorm ideas for action.

On Monday, people spread the word about the benefits of RCV, with more than 800 people viewing this awesome RCV explainer.

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On Tuesday, more than 500 people participated in FairVote’s featured RankIt Polls. Thousands more cast their ballot in other RankIt polls—including one posted by actor and RCV volunteer Benjamin Papac who is enthusiastic about the reform. 
On Wednesday, FairVote’s outreach team organized a webinar about the 2020 RCV Presidential primary results and how RCV can be expanded to more states in 2024. More than 140 people participated in the webinar, which featured Scott Siebel, FairVote’s director of outreach, Katie Dahl, FairVote’s outreach manager, and Deb Otis, FairVote’s senior research analyst.

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On Thursday, FairVote urged its volunteers to contact their governors to ensure safe, fair, and secure elections—and more than 300 people so far heeded the call.
On Friday, RCV enthusiasts made their voices heard, writing letters to the editor for their local newspaper. And on Saturday, RCV supporters encouraged their communities to get involved by asking them to text RCV to 52886 to join the movement!
Thank you to the thousands of people who educated and learned about RCV, the hundreds that contacted their governors, and the groundwork that was laid for continued success of the ranked choice voting movement.
But the work doesn’t stop here. FairVote will continue to push for RCV—and you can too. Learn how to get involved in the movement here.

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