Miles Dortch


Miles Dortch

Miles Dortch attends the University of Arkansas at Pine-Bluff and is currently working towards a degree in Accounting and Finance and a concentration in International Business. He hopes to graduate from his university and go to graduate school where he plans on studying for the CPA exam. Miles has not been heavily involved in politics in the past, however he is hoping to become more involved while interning at FairVote. Helping communities by bringing light to issues that are often overlooked has always been one of his passions. Miles grew up in Kansas, where he focused heavily on academics and athletics. He loves traveling to new places and learning about different cultures, particularly the many different cuisines that each one has to offer.

Posts by Miles Dortch

Third Candidates Series Looks at Candidates Outside the Two Major Parties

Posted on August 05, 2016

“When over 40% of Americans identify as independents why is it considered rare?” ask Jake Simms and John Farrell, the founders of a documentary series Third Candidates that follows independents as they continue to improve our electoral systems. They will also take a closer look into organizations that advocate for a fair democracy.

Meet the Team: Miles Dortch

Posted on June 29, 2016

As an Ethnic Young Adult (EYA) intern for the General Board of Churches Society, I was placed here at FairVote in the communications department which tailors to my interests in messaging, branding, and capturing the goals of an organization with graphic design.

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