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Meet the Team: Wildany Guerrero

Meet the Team: Wildany Guerrero

Packing and cracking the legislative districts of unaware constituents is an invasive attempt at diluting the constitutional right of people to vote. Gerrymandering plagues our democracy as the greatest perversion of one of our core democratic procedures of reapportionment. Joining the fight against gerrymandering is the reason I am at FairVote.

The spring semester of my junior year at American University I took a course on our nation’s mass movement for civil rights. Immediately, I began to understand the barriers millions of people face in being afforded the fair and honest electoral process our democracy advertises. By understanding the efforts of groups like SNCC, the SCLC and NAACP to ensure all Americans have access to their constitutional right to vote, I have realized the value in a grassroots approach to solve a nationwide problem.

It’s my firm belief that our nation would look dramatically different and our government dramatically more efficient, if voter turnout stood consistently near 100 percent. As a child of two immigrant parents from the Dominican Republic, I understand both the systemic and political obstacles that prevent such a vision from being possible.

By joining FairVote in the push to implement ranked choice voting, a better, fairer and more efficient electoral process, I have dedicated my time and journalistic training to fix a rigged system.

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