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Meet the Team: Miles Dortch

Meet the Team: Miles Dortch

Miles HeadshotAs an Ethnic Young Adult (EYA) intern for the General Board of Churches Society, I was placed here at FairVote in the communications department which tailors to my interests in messaging, branding, and capturing the goals of an organization with graphic design. The staff here made it easy for me to transition from my life in Kansas to living in Washington D.C. for two months. I’m looking forward to gaining more knowledge about the political landscape in different states and what we, as citizens, can do to improve our election process.

Before I joined the EYA program and became an intern at FairVote, I was studying accounting and international business at the University of Arkansas Pine-Bluff. My experience giving presentations and talking to peers has helped me communicate effectively both online and in person. The experience I have gained from many work related opportunities has also helped me to listen to other ideas and perspectives while working on projects related to my major in business, and projects in my church community; planning events and organizing activities for camps.

P1230190.jpgIn just the first few days of working at FairVote through the EYA program, it has been clear that structural electoral reform is a huge part of what FairVote does. Electoral reforms are very important to me when it comes to solving the issues of our nation, as many people in today’s society are not fully represented in the voting process; silencing many communities. Being that FairVote is non-partisan, everyone has a voice in solving the issues impacting our communities. I’m excited I have the opportunity to learn about our government and how we can find solutions for the many problems we face today.

It’s great that I’m expanding my knowledge on government and democracy through my internship at FairVote. This experience will benefit me in the near future as I plan on becoming a well-informed, productive citizen and voter.

Miles is the 2016 Communications Intern at FairVote. Learn more about FairVote's Democracy Fellowships and Internship opportunities on our Employment page  

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