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Meet the team: Diane Silver

Meet the team: Diane Silver

Hi Everyone – My name is Diane Silver, and I’m super psyched to be part of the FairVote team as an outreach organizer.  I come from a former life as an Environmental Educator, but I’ve been passionate about Ranked Choice Voting for many years. As our country has grown more and more polarized, and candidates win office even though more people voted against them than for them, I have grown more and more committed to helping change our electoral system to something more representative of ALL the voters. I also feel strongly that whatever issue you might be passionate about (mine has been environmental protection), nothing much is going to happen until we fix our dysfunctional government. So in a way, working for ranked choice voting is an extension of my effort at working for the environment.

In my environmental education career, I spent 10 years coordinating a local watershed project, doing education and outreach to build partnerships with landowners to implement best management practices for water quality protection and stream restoration. All that outreach and public speaking comes in handy as I do the same thing for the RCV effort. I also worked as a program director at several residential EE centers, supervising field instructors, writing curriculum, and managing program logistics. I did wildlife education at the Cincinnati Zoo (once had a cheetah-on-a-leash come visit me in my office, as part of its training for school programs!); did a short stint as a classroom teacher in math and science; and I used to run a Kids-in-the-Creek program (the venn-diagram-overlap of watershed education and classroom teaching). In an even more previous life, I worked on Capitol Hill for a few years as a legislative aide to my home-state U.S. Senator.

I studied Economics and Psychology at Claremont McKenna College and Natural Resources at the University of Michigan. When I’m not bending people’s ears about ranked choice voting, I play the fiddle, lead contra dancing (a form of American folk dance), and I enjoy hiking and kayaking. I work remotely from Asheville, North Carolina.

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