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Meet the Team: Anjali Bhatt

Meet the Team: Anjali Bhatt

Anjali.jpgOriginally from Troy, Michigan, I am a rising third year in an undergraduate Dual Degree program between the Paris Institute of Political Studies and the University of British Columbia. For two years, I attended the Le Havre campus of the Paris Institute of Political Studies, where I double majored in economics and political science, with a focus Euro-Asian relations and will receive a Bachelors of Arts. In the fall, I will be going to the University of British Columbia for the next two years of undergraduate study, and will be in the Sauder School of Business, receiving a Bachelors of Commerce with a Marketing specialization.

During my time abroad, I was able to develop a unique view of the United States, where, as an American, I was deeply concerned about issues that were progressing, while at the same time being removed from them. When I returned to the US for the summer, I worked as an intern in my local county treasurer’s office. This experience allowed me to learn about the relationship between politics and economics, as well as the complex links between elected officials and the citizens. My second year in France was defined by the current presidential election here in the United States -- following it from abroad exposed a lot of interesting and not necessarily good parts of the electoral process.

Anjali_Candid_LQ.jpgThe experience of living abroad was formative for my relationship with the United States and with our current state of government and electoral systems. I realized that there is a lot that can be changed for the better, and that structural reforms would be the most effective and fair. FairVote’s work is essential to creating a representative government, and I believe that representation is one of the most important things for a well-functioning, fair, sustainable government. The complicated political landscape we navigate today would do well to include minorities that make up a large part of this nation’s fabric, and I believe that electoral reform is the best way to make this a reality.

Outside of politics and economics, I’m excited to explore DC this summer and post way too much on social media about my work with FairVote.

Anjali is the 2016 Representation2020 Intern at FairVote. Learn more about FairVote's Democracy Fellowships and Internship opportunities on our Employment page  

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