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Meet Emily Agliano

Meet Emily Agliano
The James Madison University Washington Semester program provides political science students like myself with the opportunity to live and work in the nation’s capital for a semester. While searching for internships, I came across FairVote’s website and it excited me. Their ideas are forward-thinking yet with the times – Americans are ready for a change. I wanted to have a part in advocating important reforms during such a crucial time in American history, where citizens are more and more unimpressed with the current unrepresentative electoral system.

I am especially enthusiastic about Representation2020, a project of FairVote that advocates for women’s parity in government. Women are extremely underrepresented in both our state and federal legislatures. This is a problem because women provide perspectives on policy that men are unable to and these perspectives need to be heard. I’m interested in parity for women because I believe that since women make up more than half the country it is crucial they are given the opportunity to govern as such. I am excited to work towards parity these next couple months in order to help the voice of women be heard in our government.
I have been interested in democracy for most of my life because I grew up in a very politically active family. I am excited to expand my knowledge of democracy while working at FairVote. I know that I will gain a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience, including professional, research, and communication skills. The opportunity to research and advocate for electoral reform is appealing because FairVote’s work makes a difference. Making sure that every vote counts and the American people are truly represented is crucial and exciting work. I’m eager to work with passionate people and make a contribution to the betterment of our democracy. 

Emily Agliano is a 2015 Intern at FairVote. Do you want to apply for a FairVote internship? Find more information here: http://www.fairvote.org/who-we-are/internships-and-employment/internships/

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