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Media round-up through Dec. 7, 2018

Media round-up through Dec. 7, 2018

FairVote closely tracks media coverage of electoral reform and ranked choice voting. Here are highlights from Nov. 13 - Dec. 7, 2018.

Press hits

Poliquin gets the numbers wrong about blank ballots in 2nd District race The Sun Journal 
Fact-check showing inaccuracy of Rep. Bruce Poliquin’s claims about 2nd Congressional District ranked choice voting results.

Ranked choice voting and Maine Politics MSNBC
Phish drummer and Maine Selectman Jon Fishman talks ranked choice voting with Katy Tur.

Maine lead the nation. Will others follow? Bangor Daily News
span style="font-weight: 400;">Academics and election reformers see potential for Maine’s historic election to set a national trend.

Ranked choice voting and election reform C-SPAN
Rob Richie talks ranked choice voting in Maine and electoral reform.

How to survive the holidays without an argument New York Times
[Podcast] Three columnists representing three different political views all agree ranked choice voting would be good for America.

Rachel Maddow MSNBC
Maddow reports on ranked choice voting as it worked in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District race .

Maine’s ranked choice voting just kicked in and it’s already facing a lawsuit from the congressman on the ballot The Washington Post
The Fix explains ranked choice voting in Maine’s 2nd District race.

Exit polling finds narrow majority of Mainers back expansion of ranked choice voting Bangor Daily News
An exit poll conducted with FairVote and Colby College found more than 60 percent of Maine 2nd District voters want to keep or expand ranked choice voting, with 75 percent reporting it was easy to use.


Five reasons ranked choice voting will improve democracy Boston Globe Magazine
Harvard economist Eric Maskin debunks five common myths about ranked choice voting.

A Democratic victory in 2020 demands a new form of primary Los Angeles Times
Column: “The one way to ensure that the nominee actually is favored by a majority of Democratic voters is for the party to adopt a form of ranked-choice voting.”

How voting rights fared in the midterms The New Yorker
Columnist Jeffrey Toobin points to ballot initiatives on redistricting reform and ranked choice voting in Maine as cause for optimism.

Maine’s 2nd District outcome proves value of ranked choice voting The Hill
Dave Daley writes on the successful use of ranked choice voting in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District race.

Despite claims of chaos and confusion, Nov. 6 election was well run Bangor Daily News
Anna Kellar, League of Women Voters of Maine executive director, on the transparent, effective and well-administered ranked choice voting election in Maine’s 2nd District.

A new age of reform American Interest
Stanford political science professor Larry Diamond calls ranked choice voting in Maine’s 2nd District the most consequential election for the future.

Ranked choice voting worked in Maine, Now we should use it in presidential races. USA Today
Harvard law school professor Lawrence Lessig suggests use of ranked choice voting to state presidential primaries.

Ranked choice voting passes the test in Maine The Boston Globe
Editorial board praises ranked choice voting in Maine a successful and an important precedent for expanded use,

One of the laboratories of democracy might have actually produced something good Esquire
Columnist: “Ranked-choice is one of the possible actual solutions to the sclerosis afflicting the two-party system.”


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