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Media round-up for Jan. 4, 2019

Media round-up for Jan. 4, 2019

Press hits

States of Democracy Millennial Action Project
A new report by Millennial Action Project’s democracy reform task force names ranked choice voting among key approaches to democracy reform.

Voting issues and gerrymandering are now key political battlegrounds The New York Times 
Voting rights and partisan gerrymandering have become key issues for mainstream voters, with high stakes going in to the 2020 presidential race


Democrats have promised to clean up Washington. Can they deliver? The American Prospect
Columnist calls for House Democrats to expand their reform package to include fixes with more bipartisan appeal in order to be successful.

Salt Lake City should lead on ranked-choice voting The Salt Lake Tribune (UT)
President and chairman of the Salt Lake City Downtown Community Council urges Salt Lake City to lead on ranked choice voting under local option bill.

How this year’s struggles set us up for a bold, hopeful 2019 Yes! Magazine
Columnist names ranked choice voting elections in Maine and local option bill in  Utah as successes that bode well for 2019


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