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Media round-up for Jan. 25, 2019

Media round-up for Jan. 25, 2019

Press hits

Ranked Choice Voting Push in Massachusetts CBS Boston
Adam Friedman of Voter Choice Massachusetts explains ranked choice voting and its benefits

Wyoming lawmakers kill GOP-backed party registration bill Associated Press
An all-Republican Wyoming legislative committee voted to advance a bill proposing ranked choice voting in primary elections to a full Senate hearing

Michigan gerrymandering settlement focused on redrawing specific political districts The Detroit News
A pending settlement proposal in a federal lawsuit alleging partisan gerrymandering could create new districts for some of Michigan’s 2020 congressional and legislative elections


It’s time for Maryland and Virginia to embrace ranked-choice voting The Washington Post
Staff editorial endorsing ranked choice voting local option bills in Maryland and Virginia

Electoral makeover The Daily Sentinel (CO)
Staff editorial endorsing national popular vote compact to make presidential elections more representative

Ranked ballots select ‘Best Picture;’ why not our presidents? Inside Sources
FairVote CEO and president Rob Richie explains how Academy members use ranked choice voting to choose ‘Best Picture’ and makes the case for RV for presidential nominees


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