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Media round-up for Jan. 18, 2019

Media round-up for Jan. 18, 2019

Press hits

Big changes are coming to Iowa’s 2020 Caucuses Common Dreams
The Iowa Democratic Party is changing its caucuses to increase voter participation, including use of ranked choice-style ballots for proxy voters

Is this the year for a redistricting revolution? The Atlantic
Redistricting reform is becoming increasingly popular, with support from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Barack Obama, voter-led ballot initiatives in several states and high-profile Supreme Court cases.


New York’s democracy reform bill, and the message it sends The American Prospect
Former CT Sec. of State Miles Rapoport praises New York’s reform package and calls for additional reforms like multi-member districts and ranked choice voting

Public advocate election makes the case for instant runoff voting Gotham Gazette (NY)
New York State Rep. Walter Mosley calls for instant runoff voting to protect majority outcomes and avoid vote-splitting as seems likely in the special election for public advocate

An ‘instant’ fix for Lousiana’s ruined runoffs? A ranked choice voting ballot The Advocate (LA)
FairVote CEO and President Rob Richie suggests ranked choice voting to replace Louisiana’s low turnout, high cost runoff system

An idea for Electoral College Reform that both parties might actually like Politico Magazine
Ohio State University law professor suggests adding a majority rule principle to the Electoral College, with use of ranked ballots as one way to achieve this




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