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Media round-up for Jan. 11, 2019

Media round-up for Jan. 11, 2019

Press hits

U.S. Supreme Court rejects Republican bid to delay redistricting in Virginia The Washington Post
The U.S. Supreme Court declined to delay the process of drawing new districts for at least 11 Virginia House of Delegates seats.

Legislation would allow ‘ranked choice’ voting in Baltimore, a new way of counting ballots The Baltimore Sun
Maryland Del. Brooke Lierman has proposed legislation that would allow the Baltimore City Council to use ranked choice voting for primary and general elections.

Supreme Court takes 2 partisan gerrymandering cases Governing
The Supreme Court’s decision to revisit partisan gerrymandering cases in North Carolina and Maryland will have major implications for nationwide redistricting reform.


The New Hampshire presidential primary is broken. It’s not too late to fix it. Medium
Adam Eichen of Equal Citizens calling for New Hampshire to implement ranked choice voting in its presidential primaries.

Ranked-choice voting may be a winner for voters The Daily Herald
Editorial board endorses ranked choice voting for Utah cities as a way to give voters more choices and protect majority outcomes.

It’s time to replace the Electoral College 71 Republic
Columnist proposes ranked choice voting as the best way to elect the president.

Rank choice voting: how we can empower voters and save taxpayer money 71 Republic
Columnist calls for ranked choice voting as a more democratic, cost-effective and representative solution to Arkansas’ runoff system


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