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Media round-up for Feb. 8, 2019

Media round-up for Feb. 8, 2019

Press hits

Utah lawmakers allowed localities to try ranked-choice voting Sightline Institute
Six cities have taken advantage of RCV local options bill passed in Utah’s 2018 legislature with bipartisan support.  

Bill would change how Granite Staters vote in 2020 primary Keene Sentinel (NH)
Explains bill proposing ranked choice voting for NH presidential primary and why it benefits voters and candidates


Why Howard Schultz for president makes great drama: it highlights the fragility and frustration of our winner-take-all system Vox
Lee Drutman writes on Howard Schultz’ candidacy as an illustration of the fragility of our winner-take-all system, naming ranked choice voting with multi-winner districts as the ideal solution

Should every Election Day be a federal holiday? Forbes
Columnist considers whether making Election Day a federal holiday will increase voter turnout  


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