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Media round-up for Feb. 22, 2019

Media round-up for Feb. 22, 2019

Press hits

GOP resistance means new Kansas governor off to a rocky start Associated Press
Kansas Republican lawmakers continue to treat new Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly’s 2018 (plurality) victory as a fluke, rejecting her proposals and creating stagnation

Are you tired of election spoilers? Commonwealth Magazine 
Podcast interview with Adam Friedman of Voter Choice Massachusetts explaining ranked choice voting and its benefits for electing a majority winner from a crowded field of candidates

Is ranked choice voting the fix for a broken primary system? Who.What.Why.
Podcast interview with Adam Eichen of Equal Citizens discussing ranked choice voting and its potential for presidential nominations


There’s a way around strategic voting Chicago Magazine
Op-ed backing ranked choice voting to avoid strategic voting in crowded Chicago mayoral race

A better way to elect a mayor who is supported by the most Chicagoans Chicago Sun-Times
President of Yale chapter at Every Vote Counts names ranked choice voting the solution to split votes and “spoiler” problems posed by crowded Chicago mayoral race

New Hampshire Dems silencing New Hampshire Dems The Concord Monitor (NH)
Equal Citizens’ Lawrence Lessig makes the case for ranked choice voting in New Hampshire’s presidential primary

Take a closer look at ranked-choice voting for Carroll County Carroll County Times (MD)
Staff editorial endorsing ranked choice voting in Carroll County


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