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Media round-up for Feb. 1, 2019

Media round-up for Feb. 1, 2019

Press hits

New Hampshire considers ranked choice voting Associated Press
New Hampshire lawmakers are considering a bill to use ranked choice voting for their state’s presidential primary

Could Georgia lawmakers eliminate long runoff campaigns? The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Georgia lawmakers consider ranked choice voting among solutions to its high-cost, low turnout runoffs


Brewing trouble: why third party presidential candidates fail The Economist
Columnist: “Ranked-choice voting (RCV) is an alternative election process that allows votes for third-party candidates to be converted to votes for major-party ones in the event voters’ preferred candidate loses.”

Want a third party? Think again The Hill
Op-ed calling for ranked choice voting as a solution to let third parties and independents compete without vote-splitting or ‘spoiler’ fears

Howard Schultz, please don’t run for president NY Times
Columnist Michelle Goldberg names ranked choice voting as a way to let viable independent candidates like Howard Schultz compete

Run, Howard, Run The Washington Post
Nick Troiano and Charles Wheelan of Unite America defend Howard Schultz as a legitimate presidential candidate whose candidacy could catalyze reforms like RCV to level the playing field for all candidates

A crowded 2020 presidential primary field calls for ranked choice voting The Hill
U.S. Rep Jamie Raskin, Equal Citizens’ Adam Eichen and FairVote’s Rob Richie back ranked choice voting for presidential primaries


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