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Media round-up for Feb. 15, 2019

Media round-up for Feb. 15, 2019

Press hits

Iowa Democrats propose major 2020 change: ‘virtual caucuses’ Politico
The Iowa Democratic Party has proposed a plan that would allow absentee, ranked choice voting during the caucus in 2020

Montgomery County Delegation backs ranked choice voting bill Maryland Matters (MD)
Ranked choice voting-enabling legislation for Montgomery County, MD wins unanimous support from the county delegation


Iowa Democrats' innovative changes may have saved the caucuses Des Moines Register
Columnist hails plan for ranked choice ballots as a way to save the Iowa caucuses  

Howard Schultz’s campaign is based on 3 ideas, and they’re all wrong Vox
Ezra Klein advocates for a proportional system, suggesting Howard Schultz should use his platform to advance electoral reform

Candidates for public advocate bolster case for not having one Crain’s New York 
Editorial board endorses ranked choice voting for New York City

Ranked choice might be right for primaries (and Klobuchar) The Star Tribune (MN)
Columnist backs ranked choice voting for Minnesota’s presidential primaries

How Philly can break the corruption cycle The Inquirer (PA)
RepresentUs co-founder Josh Silver names ranked choice voting as a remedy for political corruption in Philadelphia


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