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Media round-up for Dec. 21, 2018

Media round-up for Dec. 21, 2018

Press hits

Ranked choice voting could come to Colorado cities in 2019. Is the statewide ballot next? The Colorado Sun
An effort to bring ranked-choice voting to Pueblo has quietly started lining up support for a more ambitious target — the statewide 2020 ballot — that could have sweeping implications for Colorado politics.

Opinions dwindling, GOP congressman appeals to keep his seat Associated Press
Outgoing U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin appeals court decision upholding ranked choice voting results in Maine 2nd District.

‘We are not fully prepared and fully in:’ Utah cities move forward with a new voting method, but they could still back out The Salt Lake Tribune
At least three Utah cities are cautiously moving forward with RCV for the 2019 municipal elections that they hope will boost turnout and save money.

Republican drops his request for a recount in Maine congressional race The Hill
Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R-Maine) called for an end to the recount of his Maine congressional race .


The law of the land The Ellsworth American (ME)
Editorial board: “The time has come to accept ranked choice voting for what it is: the law of the land.”

Imperatives for Democrats The American Prospect
Executive editor Harold Meyerson writes, “The one way to ensure that Democrats select a nominee whose victory reflects not just intensity of support but also breadth of support is for the party to change its rules to mandate ranked-choice voting.”

Instant runoff would restore majority rule Tampa Bay Times
Former University of Wisconsin-Madison professors call for ranked choice voting in  Democratic presidential primaries to protect majority rule.


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