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Media round-up for Dec. 14, 2018

Media round-up for Dec. 14, 2018

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Judge rejects GOP lawmaker’s lawsuit over Maine’s new voting system The Hill
A federal judge tossed a lawsuit from Rep. Bruce Poliquin that included constitutional challenges of Maine's ranked-choice voting (RCV) system and a request for a new election.

Federal judge denies Poliquin’s challenge to Maine’s ranked choice voting law Maine Public Radio
More detail on judge’s rejection of ranked choice voting lawsuit in Maine and the slim chances that an appeal would hold up in court.

Ranked choice voting litmus test in Maine could pave the way for other states FOX News
Decision in Maine lawsuit has implications for ranked choice voting nationwide.

The somewhat absurd controversy over Maine’s ranked choice voting system, explained Vox
Ranked choice voting has worked successfully and without controversy in other U.S. cities and worldwide for many years.

Will Massachusetts embrace ranked choice voting? The Lowell Sun
After success in Maine, advocates hope to bring ranked choice voting to Massachusetts.


Good candidates won’t be enough in 2020 - we must overhaul our entire voting system In These Times
FairVote’s Rob Richie calls for elected leaders to pass ranked choice voting and the Fair Rep Act as better commitments to improving democracy and earning voters’ trust.

With ranked-choice court ruling, expect this new voting method to spread beyond Maine Bangor Daily News
Coumn by Kyle Bailey and Cara Brown McCormick of the Committee for Ranked Choice Voting: “Now that every conceivable constitutional challenge to the people-approved voting system has been argued and favorably decided, we predict that ranked-choice voting will sweep the nation.”

Election results: getting a majority is crucial. It should be required- with ranked choice voting Minneapolis Star Tribune
Columnist calls for ranked choice voting to protect majority outcomes in Minnesota primaries, including the looming 2020 presidential primary.

House Democrats’ big democracy reform package is good policy and smart politics Vox
Column by Lee Drutman: “Certainly, the easiest way to get rid of gerrymandering would be to make it impractical, by expanding districts from single-member to multi-member and adding ranked-choice voting to ensure proportional balance.”

What’s next for instant runoff voting The Commercial Appeal
Myron Lowery, former Memphis city council chair, and local pastor Dr. Rosalyn Nichols call for city council to recognize will of Memphis voters after IRV repeal was defeated in ballot referendum

Keep an eye on Canada. It’s trying to make sure power goes to those who win more votes. USA Today
Sightline Institute senior fellow William Yardley writes that referendum in British Columbia proposing a switch to proportional representation could serve as a model for the U.S.

The trailer: how the left is already writing the platform for 2020 Democrats The Washington Post
Columnist David Weigel writes that ranked choice voting as used in Maine was simple and effective.


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