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We are committed to providing members of the media with timely, evidence-based analysis of current events and issues impacting elections.

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About FairVote

FairVote is a non-partisan non-profit organization that seeks to makes democracy fair, functional, and representative by developing the analysis and educational tools necessary for reform advocates to win and sustain improvements to American elections. Rob Richie is executive director and Krist Novoselic is board chair.

We believe there are simple, common sense ways to strengthen our democracy and ensure all voices are heard, all views are respected, and every vote really counts. That's why we work to study these problems, develop practical solutions, and work with national, state and local partners to advance reforms that result in fairer elections.

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Speakers and Experts

When it comes to elections and electoral reform, FairVote speakers are a cut above the rest. Their breadth of experience generates powerful and unique discussions on what it means to participate in a representative democracy in the 21st Century. We have a diverse list of speakers including noted authors, current and former politicians, musicians, academics, voting rights experts and many others. As frequent media contributors, they have been guests on major networks and published commentary in most major newspapers in the United States. Addressing a wide array of audiences - from state legislators to high school students - FairVote speakers bring a new approach to talking about election reform.   

Speaker Inquiry


Topics FairVote speakers can address

  • The gerrymandering crisis and the value of proportional representation
  • The Electoral College and the National Popular Vote plan reform proposal
  • Third parties in the United States and proposed changes to electoral rules
  • Making our democracy relevant for young people in 21st century America
  • Voting rights, voter turnout and the case for a constitutional right to vote
  • Reform is possible: Two decades of making a difference and winning change
  • Beyond partisan bickering: envisioning a more effective democracy
  • Representation of women, racial minorities and ideological diversity
  • How to build a democracy movement in your community


FairVote does certain speaking engagements without a fee, but typically receives an honorarium and coverage for travel expenses.

How to Invite a Speaker

Submit a speaker inquiry with answers to these questions. You can call us at (301) 270-4616 to check in on the status of your query.

1) Preferred speakers in order of preference
2) Date(s) for event and venue
3) Projected audience and event goal
4) Preferred topic(s)
5) Honorarium range and travel reimbursement
6) Materials needed
7) Contact information

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