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Maine, Utah, and California are doubling down on ranked choice voting

Maine, Utah, and California are doubling down on ranked choice voting

The ranked choice voting movement has had three significant legislative wins in recent weeks: 

  1. A bill signed in Maine allowing its towns and cities to opt into RCV, 
  2. A bill signed in Utah making technical tweaks as it continues its municipal RCV pilot, and
  3. The failure of a repeal effort in California, which didn't even get a vote in its Assembly Elections Committee. 

Ruby-red Utah, purple Maine, and blue California are the states with the most widespread current use of RCV -- in 23 cities in Utah, and in all federal elections and state-level primaries Maine, and for nearly two decades in major California cities like San Francisco & Oakland. Additionally, at least two more California cities will implement RCV in 2022. 

The message from these legislative wins is clear -- RCV is working. After Maine, Utah, & California have implemented RCV, they're not simply turning their backs or even settling for the new status quo. 

Rather, citizens & leaders are choosing proactive steps to improve and expand RCV. 

RCV isn’t just growing fast. It’s sticking. 

That’s a great sign as Alaska gets ready to use RCV for the first time this summer; cities from Amherst, MA to Boulder, CO to Eureka, CA plan for their first implementation; and major cities like San Diego and Portland consider bringing RCV to their local elections. 

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