Poll Results from Maine's 2nd Congressional District 2020

FairVote partnered with SurveyUSA to conduct a poll of the hotly-contested Republican primary election for Maine's Second Congressional District. The poll surveyed 604 likely CD-2 Republican primary voters on 6/30/20 - 7/6/20, also asking them about their preferences among prospective Republican candidates for president in 2024.

Maine's Second District is considered one of the few "swing districts" in the country, and Maine Republicans will decide on July 14th which candidate will face incumbent Jared Golden in November. The race will be conducted using ranked choice voting.


Our thanks to the Bangor Daily News and the League of Women Voters of Maine for reviewing the survey instrument.

Click the candidates below to add or remove them from the count. Or, click "Show me the ranked choice results" to watch the fully ranked choice tally.

Click the tabs to toggle between the 2020 Primary for the 2nd Congressional District, and a hypothetical 6-way Republican Primary for the 2024 presidential race.


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https://e.infogram.com/_/DB9U290vWH25vqA1u4wS?src=embedCopy: Maine Poll July 2020 Second Choicesnoborder:none;allowfullscreen61215050

https://e.infogram.com/_/ZhHSct4NK2XjiScCXVQK?src=embedMaine CD2 Primary Polling July 2020noborder:none;allowfullscreen61210060

https://e.infogram.com/_/YODBm1HvJmme0LP9BxP7?src=embedMaine Poll July 2020 Cumulative Supportnoborder:none;allowfullscreen6129950

https://e.infogram.com/_/8koY1ZGR3iinB0rwkTn8?src=embedMaine Polling July 2020 Support for RCVnoborder:none;allowfullscreen61218240

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