Maine U.S. Senate and Presidential Election Poll, October 2020

FairVote partnered with SurveyUSA to conduct a poll of the ranked choice voting races in Maine in November 2020. The poll surveyed 1,007 likely voters between October 23 and October 27. In Maine's federal elections, voters use ranked choice voting, where voters rank candidates and their backup choice counts if their first choice can't win.

Simulate the Ranked Choice Results

Click the candidates below to add or remove them from the count and watch how the votes transfer. Or click "Show me the ranked choice results" to see the ranked tally conducted automatically.

Click the tabs to toggle between the various races we polled. Maine allocates some presidential electors both statewide and by congressional district, so we have included a separate ranked choice tally for each district and for the statewide total.


Show me the ranked choice results


Explore Additional Details

Senate results analysis.

Presidential results analysis.

Support for ranked choice voting from survey respondents.



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