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LWV Maine urges officials to implement RCV for June primaries

LWV Maine urges officials to implement RCV for June primaries

The League of Women Voters of Maine (LWVME) congratulates the Restore RCV campaign on collection over 61,000 signatures on the People’s Veto, and urge the legislature and election administrators to prepare to implement ranked choice voting (RCV) ahead of the June primary election.

The People’s Veto petition, if successful, would restore ranked choice voting for the 2018 primary elections for state and federal offices, and the 2018 general elections for federal offices, together with granting rulemaking authority for the Secretary of State. At the same time, it repeals RCV for the races that the Maine Supreme Court has advised are unconstitutional, eliminating the threat of election-by-litigation.

The Secretary of State has 30 days to verify that the required signatures have been collected.

If the signatures are certified, the People’s Veto will also freeze implementation of the roll-back, and the June primary elections would be conducted using RCV.

“These signatures mean that all Maine voters - whether they plan to vote for the People’s Veto or not - will be using RCV to cast their ballot in the June primary elections. It is essential that Mainers understand what that means.” said Jill Ward, President of the League of Women Voters of Maine. “While the signatures are being counted, we urge the legislature and election administrators to not delay the process of implementing RCV and educating the public.”

“Time and again the people have spoken.” said Executive Director Anna Kellar. “This is a loud and clear message to Augusta to respect the will of the people.”

The June 12th election will be the first state-wide election conducted with Ranked Choice Voting.

“Smooth implementation will require serious nonpartisan effort, and we look forward to playing an independent, thoughtful role in the public interest to that end. Elections matter. Let’s get it right.”


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