Show Love for RCV

Happy Valentine's Day! Show love for RCV by contacting your state representatives to let them know why you support RCV.

Progress for RCV has always come directly from individuals at the local level. Eleven cities are already using RCV because people sent letters, made phone calls, or simply had conversations with friends and neighbors about how RCV could improve their democracy. Remember, that your story and the reasons you support RCV are the keys to legislators taking action. We have provided you with resources to help you with these conversations but feel encouraged to make it your own!

Currently, RCV legislation has been introduced in 13 states. If your state hasn't introduced legislation, you can call your representatives and tell them why you think RCV is the way to go, or you can adapt this letter and email it to their office.


For those of you in states where legislation has already been introduced, here are the resources you need to reach out to your elected officials and show some love!

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