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Latest news coverage and editorial support for ranked choice voting

Latest news coverage and editorial support for ranked choice voting

Media round-up – week of August 7, 2018

Angus King talks ranked choice voting on Meet the Press Daily MSNBC
Chuck Todd talks with Maine’s independent senator about the first statewide use of RCV.

Democrats complain about Green Party “spoilers,” but few in Congress back a solution: ranked choice voting The Intercept
Following Ohio’s primary, Green voters were called to task for not choosing the Democrat over the Republican.

An instant runoff revision in NYC “The Brian Leher Show,” WNYC-FM
Rob Richie talks about the possible implementation of instant runoff voting in the Big Apple.

Ranked choice voting: “As Maine goes…” The American Interest
A professor of American Government takes an extensive look at RCV and Maine’s first use of it.

What is ranked choice voting? It may benefit diverse candidates Elite Daily
In this look at the election of London Breed, San Francisco’s first African American woman to be elected mayor, FairVote California’s Pedro Hernandez is interviewed and FVCA’s report on RCV use in the Bay Area is cited.

Rob Richie talks ranked choice voting on “The Young Turks” Rebel HQ
Host Cenk Uygur wondered how RVC would have impacted the 2016 GOP primary.

Why are these elected officials so afraid of the voters? CNN Opinion by Josh Douglas

You have to hand it to the Green Party Washington Post by Elizabeth Bruenig

For better elections, give ranked choice voting a chance Boston Globe (editorial)

Political reforms could mean better elections and better candidates Fresno Bee by John Gastil

It’s time to adopt ranked choice voting nationwide Real Clear Policy by Alexis Mealey

American democracy’s built-in bias towards rural Republicans The Economist (editorial)

Connecticut needs ranked choice voting Hartford Courant by David Daley

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