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Kondracke: Election reform efforts are gaining traction

Kondracke: Election reform efforts are gaining traction

It’s no secret we think ranked choice voting is the way to go when it comes to empowering voters and ensuring fair, democratic elections. And we’re not alone.

As Morton Kondracke writes in his latest commentary for Real Clear Politics, the U.S. media are missing the growth of the political reform movement which he says, “has the potential to be as momentous as turn-of-the-last-century progressivism, women’s suffrage or civil and gay rights.”

Kondracke notes the movement has three arms: making elections fairer (thanks for the shoutout), running independent candidates for upper offices such as governor, U.S. Senator and for state legislatures, and, the House Problem Solvers Caucus, which has been working to relax stringent House rules and encourage bipartisan action.

Regarding election reform, Maine’s debut of RCV in its June primary added to the success that cities like San Francisco, Minneapolis and St. Paul have already experienced since adopting ranked choice voting. At the same time, Maine’s example has reinvigorated conversations elsewhere across the nation as constituents and officials alike consider how their own jurisdictions could benefit from similar implementation.

While Kondracke notes the reform movement suffers from lack of wide mainstream media coverage, he still predicts success.

“As Unite America’s CEO, Nick Troiano, said in Denver, what it will take is ‘winning’ elections. There are enough idealists at work that it has every prospect of doing that—and saving democracy in the process.”

Read the full commentary here.


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