Jason Kwak


Jason Kwak

Jason Kwak is an intern in the Law and Policy Department. He is a junior at Duke University majoring in Public Policy with minors in Statistics and Economics. Jason strongly believes that electoral reform, especially ranked choice voting, is a necessary step to address growing polarization in this country. He hopes to use his passion for analyzing qualitative and quantitative data to help FairVote in its mission in creating healthier, more representative democracies.

Posts by Jason Kwak

Poll Overview: Voters are ready for Ranked Choice Voting

Posted on March 17, 2020

With the presidential primary elections continuing nationwide, ranked choice voting (RCV) has become a national topic for discussion. Voters are showing that they are ready for RCV as they continue to learn more about it.


Posted on February 12, 2020

Delays in results for the Iowa Democratic Caucus have led to increased scrutiny over the way we conduct our presidential elections. Administrative difficulties in running the Iowa Caucus, as well as voters’ frustrations navigating through the large pool of candidates, have led to wide calls for reform, most notably Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). 

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