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Iowa Senator Introduces RCV Bill

Iowa Senator Introduces RCV Bill

Iowa recently became one of 18 states to see legislation advancing ranked choice voting introduced this year. Senator Joe Bolkcom introduced a bill that requires the use of ranked choice voting to elect US senator and representative, governor, lieutenant Governor, and senator and representative in the Iowa General Assembly. The bill also requires that party nominees for these offices be selected with ranked choice voting. On the administrative end, the bill requires the Iowa State Commissioner of Elections to adopt rules for tallying, canvassing, and tabulating ranked choice voting ballots. The Iowa State Commissioner of Elections is also required, by rule, to design the ballots for offices elected by ranked choice voting.

The state of Iowa is no stranger to the benefits of ranked choice voting. This past January, the Iowa Democratic State Central Committee used ranked choice voting for the first time to elect Derek Eadon to a two-year term as the party’s chair. The election resulted in a breakthrough with Derek Eadon bridging the two factions within the party as a consensus winner. Senator Bolkcom’s bill has been referred to the Senate State Government Committee where it is awaiting to be assigned a committee hearing date.


Image Source: IowaWatchdog.org

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