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Media round-up: Interest in ranked choice voting surges

Media round-up: Interest in ranked choice voting surges

Media round-up – week of June 25, 2018

Interest in ranked-choice voting surges Minneapolis Star Tribune
Editorial about Maine’s election and how RCV would be good for Minnesota statewide.

SF elections are working – and getting even better San Francisco Examiner
Op-ed by FairVote board member Charlotte Hill and two other members of the San Francisco Elections Commission.

Maine’s 1st ranked choice voting election saw an issue driven campaign and energized voters Voices & Choices
FairVote’s podcast with former Maine legislator John Brautigam, council and senior adviser to the League of Women Voters of Maine, who talked about how the election went, the reaction of both voters and candidates, and what Maine’s use of RCV could mean for other states.

Why do we value country folk more than city people? New York Times
Smart piece on hyper-polarization and cities which ultimately calls for multi-member districts.

Picking a candidate is easy as 1…2…3 Electionline Weekly
Good story about RCV in Maine, New Mexico and what’s next. Rob Richie is quoted.

3 books explain why the Supreme Court’s stance on gerrymandering matters New York Times
David Daley’s “Ratf**ed” tops the list.

Maine voters tell lawmakers they want to keep ranking their candidates Reason magazine
Post-Maine primary story; Drew Penrose is quoted.

What Maine learned from its first ranked choice voting election Bangor Daily News
Examines voter turnout and ranked choice voting pros and cons in the aftermath of Maine’s recent elections. FairVote data is cited.

Maine Tried a New Way of Voting. Will Other States Follow? Stateline
Maine’s use of ranked choice voting has election officials in other states interested in following its lead. Rob Richie is quoted. Also picked up in Governing.

Moody, ranked-choice voting election’s biggest winners Kennebec Journal
Columnist Jim Fossel: “Not only did their people’s veto of the Legislature’s delay attempt succeed, it won by an even larger margin than the initial referendum. That’s impressive, as is the turnout — according to current numbers, around 50,000 more voters showed up to weigh in on Question 1 than on the gubernatorial primaries. It’s clear that unenrolled voters were motivated to show up to vote for ranked-choice voting.”

SCOTUS approves Trump’s travel ban but refugee rights fight continues Loud and Clear
Fair Vote Staff Attorney Chris Hughes is one of the guests on this podcast; Later in the show he discusses the SCOTUS rulings on gerrymandering and how FairVote’s reforms would act as a remedy.

Montgomery County needs ranked-choice voting. And polling. Washington Post
Letter to the editor from a Bethesda resident saying RCV polling would “enable voters to maximize the value of their votes…”

Redistricting isn’t a partisan issue Chicago Tribune
Letter to the editor in response to David Daley op-ed.


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