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Indiana GOP to Use Ranked Choice Voting in Virtual Convention

Indiana GOP to Use Ranked Choice Voting in Virtual Convention

Ranked choice voting (RCV) is headed to the Hoosier State, as the Indiana Republican Party has adopted the method for its now-virtual state convention.

The Indiana GOP’s move to RCV ensures party-wide elections can be safely held amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

"This was the only option — with the uncertainty of future restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic — that provided certainty that our delegates would be able to vote for our party's nominees," Kyle Hupfer, Indiana GOP chairman, said in a press release.

RCV will likely come into play in the race for the state Attorney General nomination, which will be determined at the convention. Nate Harter and John Westercamp are challenging incumbent Curtis Hill, with former Congressman Todd Rokita still contemplating entering the race. The voting will be conducted via mail-in ballots, with the results announced July 10.

The Indiana GOP isn’t the first major state party to recently turn to RCV in conjunction with a virtual convention. Last month, the Utah GOP and Democratic Parties conducted extraordinarily smooth conventions using RCV, and several other parties spanning the political spectrum have recently done so as well.

That’s because RCV is a simple, non-partisan, and common-sense solution. It ensures that voters’ voices are heard even amid an unprecedented pandemic. For that, we applaud the Indiana GOP for adopting RCV—and hope to see more state parties turn to it in the coming months.

Note: This piece was last updated June 26, 2020. 

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