I Support Ranked Choice Voting in American Elections

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The 2016 elections helped to illustrate the ways in which voters are penalized by our voting rules. Voters of all stripes are deprived of a range real choices at the ballot. Unrepresentative winners in elections at all levels of government -- by candidates of all parties -- serve to further divide communities and make governing more difficult. Ranked choice voting gives you the freedom to vote for the candidate you like the best without worrying you'll help to elect the candidate you like the least.

In 2016, Maine voters voted “yes” on a ballot question to adopt ranked choice voting for all statewide elections. In doing so, they became the first state to make vote-splitting and the concept of “spoiler candidates” a thing of the past. Other cities and states should follow their lead.

How it works: Ranked choice voting allows voters to rank as many candidates as they want in order of choice--first, second, third, and so on. All first choices are counted, and if a candidate has a majority, then they win, just like any other election. However if nobody has a majority, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated, and those voters have their ballot instantly count for their next choice. This process continues until a candidate receives a majority of votes, and is declared the winner.


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Now more than ever, our democracy needs an upgrade. Ranked choice voting is a simple, yet powerful change we can make to give voters a stronger voice in our elections.

I support adopting ranked choice voting for elections at the local, state, and/or national level, to achieve:

  • Representative outcomes grounded in majority rule
  • Greater choices on Election Day
  • More positive campaigns that reward reaching out to more voters

I'm ready to help advance ranked choice voting in my community. 

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