I Support Ranked Choice Voting in American Elections

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Democracy won big in the 2018 midterms, as voters increasingly embraced reforms aimed at improving access to and outcomes from our electoral system. However, fears of vote-splitting and non-majority outcomes still plagued many of the multi-candidate races, in some cases even pressuring top contenders to drop out ahead of the election. And several races didn’t have winners until weeks, or even months later, using low-turnout, high-cost runoffs to decide key state and local offices.

But as demonstrated by the successful elections from Santa Fe to San Francisco and the entire state of Maine just this November, ranked choice voting offers a winning solution for voters, candidates and our political system.

Here’s how it works: Voters get to rank candidates in order of choice. If a candidate receives more than half of the first choices, they win, just like any other election. If not, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated, and voters who picked that candidate as ‘number 1’ will have their votes count for their next choice.This process continues until a candidate wins with more than half of the votes.

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Voters win the power to make choices, without fear of wasting their votes or inadvertently helping a candidate they don’t support. Candidates win an even playing field on which to compete, no longer forced to play the ‘spoiler’ role no matter their political affiliation. And our democracy wins with outcomes that uphold majority rule and reflect the diversity the people’s voices and choices.

The easy and effective solution continues to win hearts, minds and ballots across the nation, with as many as nine new cities slated to debut ranked choice voting for their 2019 elections. And looking ahead to 2020, the presidential nomination process offers another perfect opportunity for ranked choice voting to produce a nominee with widespread support despite a crowded field of contenders.

The ranked choice voting revolution is here. Join the reform sweeping the nation and stand up for a stronger voice and more choice at the ballot box.

I support adopting ranked choice voting for elections at the local, state, and/or national level, to achieve:

  • Representative outcomes grounded in majority rule
  • Greater choices on Election Day
  • More positive campaigns that reward reaching out to more voters

I'm ready to help advance ranked choice voting in my community.

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