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How to end gerrymandering, no high court “Hail Mary” needed

How to end gerrymandering, no high court “Hail Mary” needed

Will the Supreme Court at last step in to slay the partisan gerrymander? Or will rigged maps reign supreme for the next decade? Reformers and reporters weigh in on the implications of the pending decisions and alternative solutions like the Fair Representation Act. The latest media hits also include ranked choice voting for Hawaii’s presidential nominations and news from RepresentUs’ Unrig Summit in Nashville.

Press hits

Tennessee bill would allow some local instant runoff voting Associated Press
A bill in Tennessee legislature seeks to give local communities autonomy in adopting ranked choice voting.

Political reformers gain steam - with an eye on 2020 Real Clear Politics 
Highlights from RepresentUs’ Unrig conference in Nashville, which drew more than 2,000 people to champion goals including ranked choice voting

Gerrymandering: voting rights and redistricting for elections collide at Supreme Court USA Today
A look at the gerrymandering cases in NC and MD and what a Supreme Court ruling would mean for the future of district-drawing nationwide

Hawaii Democrats seek public input on selection of 2020 presidential nominee Star Advertiser (HI)
Hawaii Democrats have proposed a plan for its presidential primary including a three-choice ranked ballot


Beyond the gerrymander: here’s how to fix our unfair winner-take-all elections Salon
FairVote senior fellow Dave Daley highlights the Fair Representation Act as a solution to gerrymandering amid SCOTUS review of cases in North Carolina and Maryland

Ranked-choice voting is a better system for Houston Houston Chronicle
John Arnold makes the case for RCV in Houston

The case for using ranked choice voting in the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primaries In These Times
Equal Citizens’ Adam Eichen backs ranked choice voting to protect against an undemocratic outcome and wasted votes in the crowded 2020 presidential field  

Ranked choice voting would have saved Phoenix a lot of money (and sanity) in this election Arizona Republic
Advocacy chair for local chapter League of Women Voters endorses ranked choice voting to avoid high-cost runoffs, split votes and endless campaign seasons in Phoenix

A better way to honor Women’s History Month The Hill
RepresetWomen director/FairVote co-founder Cynthia Richie Terrell highlights multi-winner ranked choice voting to increase women’s representation

Ranked choice voting is right for ABQ Albuquerque Journal 
Common Cause New Mexico Director Maria Perez calls for Albuquerque to adopt ranked choice voting



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