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How Do We Fix Our Broken Elections?

How Do We Fix Our Broken Elections?

With many of us heading into holiday vacation, it’s a great time to listen to FairVote CEO Rob Richie’s recent appearance on How Do We Fix It?, a podcast focusing on solutions to some of our society’s most intractable problems. 

In his wide-ranging interview, Rob talks about the challenges facing our democracy, and how we can move towards better elections for all.

Starting at about 02:00 into the podcast, Rob and the hosts discuss ranked choice voting. Rob lays out some of the problems ranked choice voting solves, as well as the benefits it creates. He says: 

“You can march through each adoption [of ranked choice voting] and march through something they were fixing – whether it’s an expensive runoff election, low turnout, unnecessary primary elections.” 

“[With ranked choice voting], you can vote the way you actually are thinking – rather than trying to make sure you’re outsmarting what everyone else is doing.” 

Starting at about 08:40 into the audio, Rob and the hosts also have a lengthy conversation about the Fair Representation Act. As Rob notes, with the Fair Representation Act: 

“You reliably get the left, center, and right represented…. At the end of the day, you have 80, 90 percent of voters actually helping elect someone.” 

“If I’m a constituent, I now have someone of the Republican Party and someone of the Democratic Party who actually has an interest in what my community is getting from Congress, and they serve those people together. They have an… interest to collaborate.” 

Check out the podcast for the full conversation! 

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