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House Passes the Voter Choice Act

House Passes the Voter Choice Act

On Thursday afternoon, the House of Representatives passed the Voter Choice Act, as an amendment to the Protecting Our Democracy Act. This is a significant milestone for ranked choice voting (RCV) -- the first time either chamber of the U.S. Congress has passed legislation specifically allocating money to expand RCV elections. 

On Friday, Senator Michael Bennet (CO) and Rep. Dean Phillips (MN) published a press release celebrating the win, as the bill now moves on to the Senate. 

Senator Bennet, sponsor of the Voter Choice Act in the Senate, said:

“At a time when intense partisanship threatens our democracy and blocks much-needed progress, ranked choice voting is a promising reform that can incent candidates to lower the temperature, build consensus, and better reflect the views of the American people.”

Representative Phillips, sponsor of the successful House amendment, said:

“As cities, states, and even political parties – both red and blue – have recognized, we need ranked choice voting. RCV is simple, empowers voters, and rewards candidates who broaden support beyond their base. The Voter Choice Act provides financial resources and technical assistance to communities seeking to adopt RCV without imposing a mandate on communities not yet ready for change.”

Senator Angus King (ME) is also a co-sponsor of the Voter Choice Act. A one page summary of the bill is available here.


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