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Here’s the latest news and editorial support for ranked choice voting

Here’s the latest news and editorial support for ranked choice voting

Press hits

What ranked choice voting means for feminist candidates Ms. Magazine
The ranked choice system also creates new potential for a diverse range of candidates to see successes up and down the ballot, and it gives an unusual boost to feminist candidates.

Cohen opposes Memphis referenda Memphis Commercial Appeal
Congressman Steve Cohen, D-Memphis, came out strongly against the three misleadingly worded ballot measures, and supported instant runoff voting (also known as ranked choice voting).

Ranked choice voting seen as way to end vote splitting in elections iBerkshires.com (Mass)
A momentum has been growing behind ranked-choice voting, with Voter Choice Massachusetts, an offshoot of a national organization pushing for the change, planning to propose two pieces of state legislation -- one to bring such a system to the state elections and another to enable cities and towns to adopt it more easily.

Ranked ballots a reality for 1st time in Ontario municipal elections CBC News (Canada)
For the first time in Ontario, an electoral system other than first-past-the-post will decide the results of one of this fall's municipal elections.


Ranked choice voting is easier than it sounds. Maybe it would cure our awful politics. USA Today
From former State Department official Peter Fromuth

Ranked choice voting to the rescue? The Boston Globe
From the editorial board: “It’s hard to imagine a better advertisement for ranked-choice voting than the 3rd Congressional District race, which featured an unusually diverse, high-caliber field… a more satisfying result for voters — and the candidates — would have been a system that gave them a better way to signal their preferences with such a large and talented field.”

With ranked choice voting, democracy wins Daily Hampshire Gazette
Guest column from FairVote senior fellow David Daley.

Who wouldn’t want ranked choice voting? The Oklahoma Observer
Mark Y.A. Davies, professor of Social and Ecological Ethics at Oklahoma City University urges Oklahomans to follow Maine’s lead and adopt RCV.

A century of ranked choice voting in Australia offers lessons for Maine The Bangor Daily News
Column: “This year marks the 100th anniversary of ranked-choice voting for Australian national elections, a lengthy period by any measure. This stability is the result of ranked-choice voting being popular with both voters and politicians.

An argument for ranked choice voting implementation in Rhode Island Uprise RI
Column: “Rhode Island is a perfect state to join Maine in this instant run-off election experiment. This scenario could spark discussion about instant runoff in other states.”


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