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In Maine, we are spearheading an ambitious statewide voter education program in support of a citizen-initiated referendum, Question 5. If passed by the voters, Maine will become the first state in the nation to use Ranked Choice Voting to elect all its major offices including Governor, U.S. Senate, House and state legislature.

Maine's reformers need your help to make this change happen. Please use the form on the right to indicate how you'll be pitching in. Check out different ways you can get involved!

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Contact friends & family

If you know anyone who is voting in Maine this November, reach out to tell them about ranked choice voting and Question 5. You can direct them to the campaign's website,, where they can learn how to help Question 5 win.

Write a letter to the editor

More than 150 Mainers have been inspired to write letters to the editor in support of adopting RCV. You can write your local paper to talk about the case for RCV where you live and inform readers about Maine's trailblazing leadership. Check the box to the right, and we'll follow up with tools and materials to get you started.

Host a house party

One of our supporters recently held a house party to tell family, friends, and neighbors about ranked choice voting. She got a great response, and we're hoping more supporters like you will host house parties of your own. We're planning to hold our first house party on Thursday, September 15, with a national phone call with a leaders in the Maine campaign. Check the box to the right, and we'll keep you informed as our plans come together.

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