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Harry Leeser

Harry is a rising junior at Swarthmore College where he is studying for a degree in Political Science. He has been interested in electoral reform for a few years and decided that he wanted to finally get involved by working at FairVote. When he isn’t debating with his friends about how to improve democracy in the United States, he enjoys following automotive racing of all types and planning out his dream car, which he hopes to build someday. Once he finishes at Swarthmore, Harry plans on doing some sort of post-graduate program, but don’t ask him what yet because he can’t make his mind due to the abundance of choices.


Posts by Harry Leeser

State Parties Turn to Ranked Choice Voting Systems to Make Convention Elections More Representative

Posted on August 01, 2016

Every four years, the Democratic and Republican parties’ national conventions draw an enormous amount of public attention as the parties select their presidential candidates and set their direction for the next four years. However, much less attention is paid to the smaller state and local conventions that are also held in the leadup to the national convention. Each of these conventions has its own rules, including the rules governing how the nominees to be selected at the convention will be chosen, and how the various party officials will be elected.

National Disability Voter Registration Week

Posted on July 15, 2016

The American Association of People with Disabilities’ (AAPD) REV UP! campaign organized National Disability Voter Registration Week from July 11th-15th to raise awareness of barriers impacting the right to vote of people with disabilities and encourage them to register ahead of the upcoming election in November. The REV UP! Campaign and National Disability Voter Registration Week are new this year, and this week was selected as a lead-in to the annual celebration of the American Disabilities Act.

Meet The Team: Harry Leeser

Posted on June 20, 2016

My name is Harry, and I’m a rising junior at Swarthmore College, where I am majoring in political science and minoring in English. I chose to intern at FairVote this summer mostly because of my long standing interest in electoral reform.

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