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Guidance for Holding a Safe and Fair Election

Guidance for Holding a Safe and Fair Election

Americans have begun voting in an unprecedented national election marked by a worldwide pandemic, and millions more will vote in the coming weeks. With National Voter Registration Day underway, it is important to help all citizens participate fully in the democratic process.

FairVote’s mission is grounded in ensuring that every voter matters in every election and that all Americans deserve fair access to cast their vote safely and securely despite the challenges. To that end, we compiled a resource page to provide citizens and election administrators with the latest expert guidance on how to hold safe and fair elections this year. 

The page highlights critical issues related to running an election during a pandemic, including a report from the Centers for Disease Control about how to make polling places safe for voters, up-to-date information on how to vote in each state, and opportunities for citizens to get involved as poll workers. The resources we selected come from a wide array of organizations that are leaders in their fields.  

We encourage anyone who cares about democracy to take advantage of these resources, and help ensure that elections proceed safely and fairly in every community.

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