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Greater use of ranked choice voting backed by 5 Nobel Laureates, More

Greater use of ranked choice voting backed by 5 Nobel Laureates, More

Ranked choice voting draws growing support as a sensible solution to problems with our elections, with backers including leading newspapers, elected leaders, democracy reform commissions, and organizations. FairVote’s new endorsement webpage features support for the “instant runoff” form of ranked choice voting as used in Maine.

We’ve been reaching out to ask in particular for support for the following statement: “I support greater use of ranked choice voting for federal, state, and local elections in the United States.” Endorsers of that statement include:

  • Five winners of the Nobel Prize in economics: Peter A Diamond (MIT), Eric Maskin (Harvard), Roger Myerson (University of Chicago), Edmund Phelps (Columbia) and Robert Shiller (Yale)
  • Nine winners of the Skytte Prize, the highest honor in political science: Robert Axelrod (2013 winner); Francis Fukuyama (2015), Peter Joachim Katzenstein (2020), Robert Keohane (2005), Arend Lijphart (1997); Jane Mansbridge (2018), Robert Putnam (2006), Philippe Schmitter (2009) and Rein Taagepera (2008)
  • Many leading election law professors and political scientists, all with stories to tell about the impact of their work and scholarship

Dr. Fukuyama commented with his endorsement that: “I strongly support broad adoption of ranked choice voting in US elections as the leading institutional reform that could potentially reduce polarization in the country.”

To join them, add your name here and let us know why you like ranked choice voting!

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