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Great.com Interviews Fairvote About What’s Wrong With Our Voting System And How We Can Change It

Great.com Interviews Fairvote About What’s Wrong With Our Voting System And How We Can Change It

Ryan Nurse from Great.com interviewed Fairvote as part of their 'Great.com Talks With...' podcast. This series is an antidote to negative news stories that aims to shed light on organizations and experts whose work is making a positive impact on the world.

Every election cycle, we hear controversy about politicians playing the system, cancelling out opposition votes, spreading false rumours and generally doing anything they can to win. Deb Otis discussed the importance of a more representative voting system.


The Advantages Of Ranked Choice Voting

There are many problems with our current electoral system. Deb explained that in a two-horse race, there’s a natural spoiler effect; a third party that isn’t as popular as the main two can end up harming the chances of the main candidate they are more aligned with by splitting their natural voter base. This allows a candidate to win who the majority might dislike and encourages us to vote tactically and cynically rather than for the candidate we most support.

Another problem is gerrymandering. This is where a government redraws local election boundary lines to dilute opposition support and carve out ‘safe’ counties for themselves. Officials representing these areas are held less accountable because they can rely on practically frictionless reelection. 

Ranked choice voting allows the public to express their real preferences in order without worrying about inadvertently electing a candidate they dislike. It ensures that no citizen is dissuaded from voting because they live in a county where their favourite choice ‘has no chance’. In short, it represents what people want far better than a winner-takes-all system.

Listen to the whole interview to find out more. You can read about how ranked choice voting works here. Fairvote also welcomes donations, to help enrich our democracy.


Great.com is an organization that wants to mitigate the global climate crisis by donating all of its profits to climate research initiatives. To generate the most money possible, they are getting creative and thinking outside the box. The organization works in a traditionally harmful and greedy industry — online casinos. They’re taking money that would otherwise go in the pockets of millionaires and moving it to high-impact organizations aimed at solving climate change


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