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Goodbye 2017. On to the year ahead!

Goodbye 2017. On to the year ahead!

It’s time to say farewell to 2017 and turn to 2018. We want to share news on the year and ask readers to consider a donation for the work in front of us.

As reported in last week’s reform update, 2018 promises to be the most important year in the history of our reform drive. Maine may become the first state to use ranked choice voting to elect its Members of Congress -- or RCV may be repealed. We may celebrate wins for RCV across the nation, in red and blue states alike. The Fair Representation Act may gain momentum and local versions of it win on the ballot. The Supreme Court may rein in partisan gerrymandering.

Fortunately, we have generous donors, a great team, and strong allies nationally and in states to help seize this moment. In 2017, we expanded our staff, honed our priorities and made key advances. To share our news, we asked our departments to look back on their work in Voices and Choices blogs with a personal touch.

If you’re ready to donate in time for a 2017 tax deduction, there is still time to contribute to our charitable work before Monday. Thanks in advance!

On behalf of all of us at FairVote, thank you for your interest in our work and to the many of you who support us as volunteers and donors. Together let’s give voters a stronger voice, greater choice and fair representation in our democracy.

All the best as we head toward 2018.

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