Posted by Austin Plier on November 28, 2016 at 6:37 PM

Dear Friend,

Tomorrow is “Giving Tuesday” and we hope you’ll consider a donation to FairVote. We all have a responsibility to vote to make our community and our country a better place for our children and grandchildren. But we need electoral rules that work – where our voices are heard and where candidates with the best ideas always have a fighting chance.

You’ll be hearing from many organizations tomorrow, and I applaud the remarkable array of people doing good work that touches every part of our lives. Given the importance of having a strong, functional, truly representative democracy, I hope we will be on your list for giving this year. Here are ways to donate to FairVote, with a link to our year-end letter, our role in the Combined Federal Campaign, and Amazon Smile.

But we are so pleased to have people also asking us how to give of their time and expertise. My colleague Grace Ramsey has written a new post on 11 ideas to get involved. Here are a seven highlights:

1)    Sign our petition for ranked choice voting: Since our petition was posted this month, more than 2,200 people have signed it. Add your name today and let others know about it.

2)    Get connected with reformers in your community: Join the Ranked Choice Voting Google Group to find out what is going on in your community and state with ranked choice voting.

3)    Reach out to your elected representatives: Tell your Members of Congress, state representatives and local elected officials about your support for better elections and a greater voice for voters, and alert them to FairVote’s resources on ranked choice voting.

4)    Connect with FairVote outreach staff: Engage with FairVote outreach staff on ideas for reform and what others might be doing in your city or state. Work with them after doing your initial assessment of your community, and talk about ideas like local presentations and a “lobby day” in your city or state.

5)    Engage in conversation: Organize a salon to assess the prospects for reform in your community with our Guide to Ranked Choice Voting (link to tool kit). Explore the model of Living Room Conversations for a more organized dialogue designed to see if people with different views can find areas of agreement.

6)     Write a letter to the editor or commentary: There have been many hundreds of letters to the editor written in the past year making the case for ranked choice voting. Add your voice! Our team can help.

7)    Let people know via social media about FairVote on Giving Tuesday!: FairVote is a nonprofit that depends on charitable donations. We’re creating fun ways to get the word out about FairVote that you can share on social media and emails. Visit our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

Thank you for reading, and I thank you for joining us in keeping our eyes on the prize of a democracy that truly works for all of us.


Rob Richie
Executive Director, FairVote

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