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Help support the movement to bring ranked choice voting to all elections—from your city council to Congress and the presidency!

Our Vision

FairVote is a nonpartisan champion of electoral reforms that give voters a stronger voice and a representative government that works for all Americans. Our broad vision is that all elections in the United States are held with ranked choice voting and that winner-take-all congressional elections are replaced with proportional representation.  

We have three core strategies:

The more voters and leaders become familiar with ranked choice voting, the more momentum builds for this common-sense reform.

Below are some things you can do to support these strategies, from one-and-done to all-out organizing.

How you can help

one-time or quick actions

a little bit more

deep dive

all-out organizing


One-time or quick actions:

1. Register your support for ranked choice voting by signing our online petition. This will also subscribe you to receive occasional updates on our work, though you may opt of that by unsubscribing, at the bottom of any such email from us.

2. Ask your member of Congress for their support for the Fair Representation Act and the Voter Choice Act

3. Make a donation to support our work.


If you’re game for a little bit more:

4. Write a letter-to-the-editor with the support of this guide.

5. Join a state-based RCV group to volunteer a little or a lot—they would love to have your help.


Deep dive:

If there isn’t a state or local RCV group in your state, you can still help build the movement in your community:

6. Independent activities

a. Discuss ranked choice voting with your friends and ask them to take actions 1-5 above

b. Talk to larger groups of people by hosting friends or presenting to a group you’re a part of (e.g., civic organization, church group, hobby group, etc.).  

To help explain ranked choice voting, here are a few tools:

i. A simple sample ballot to use as a visual aid.

ii. A nice explainer video which you can show folks on your phone.

iii. Online demo tool:  Simply direct people to our on-going "election" for favorite ice-cream flavor, or a multi-winner "election" for favorite pizza toppings.  Folks can vote, then view the results round-by-round to see how the tabulation works to arrive at the final winner(s).
If you want to create your own polls, you can set up an account at

For additional tools (planning guides, talking points, FAQs, a ready-to-use powerpoint presentation, and much more) please contact us to request our RCV Education Toolkit.

Don’t forget to ask your friends to take actions 1-5 above, and if they’re enthusiastic, ask them to help spread the word in turn. The hope is for a kind of domino effect! The more people there are discussing and pushing for ranked choice voting, and registering their support, the more likely legislation is to pass. 

7. Join a civic action organization, such as a local chapter of RepresentUs, Indivisible, Common Cause, the League of Women Voters, a student political-action club at school, or any similar democracy-focused organization. These groups work at the grassroots level for a range of voting reforms. If you get involved with them, you could learn about their local goals and if appropriate, suggest ranked choice voting as an issue for them to focus on.

8. Consider getting involved with your political party at the local level (precinct or district). This is where citizens can influence the party agenda. We advise that you not go in with ranked choice voting banners blazing, but rather, listen first. Go to monthly meetings and get to know people. When it is appropriate to do so, propose RCV for primaries and/or absentee ballots. If you’re interested, we can send more tips about party processes and how to make the case for how RCV would benefit your party—for example, by using it for presidential primaries. Please contact us to request more information.


All-out organizing:

9. If you’re interested in forming an RCV organization in your state, please contact us for our Organizer Toolkit.  This complements the Education Toolkit, and gives detailed step-by-step guidance for organizing.


Every effort makes a difference. Thanks for your energy. 



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