Gerrymandering Reform Innovations

Reform Innovations

FairVote’s proposals that most directly speak to this problem zero in on changing statutory laws for how we hold elections.

    1. Require all House Members to be elected by ranked choice voting, which creates incentives for them  to reach out to more voters in the general election in order to win;
    2. Require all states with more than one Member to use multi-winner districts that gives voters the power to elect representatives for the left, center and right (including Democrats and Republicans) in every district;
    3. Draw districts with independent redistricting commissions. 

States can also make changes right now to promote the goals of the Ranked Choice Voting Act. For example, one proposal would have state enter into an "Interstate Compact for Fair Representation." This would be a contract between two or more states that would each agree to elect using ranked choice voting in multi-winner districts drawn by independent redistricting commissions.

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