Matthew S. Shugart
Professor of political science at the University of California, Davis (emeritus)

"Many of the most pressing problems in American politics can be traced to a rigid two-party system, supported by winner-take-all election rules. Both ranked-choice voting and, for House and state legislators, multi-winner fair representation rules, can reinvigorate our democracy."




Danielle Allen
Professor at Harvard University and Director of Harvard’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics

“If we wish to restore peace among us, we have to go back to Madison’s basic question. How do we build institutions that can ward off the threat of faction? We actually need to rethink our system of representation, perhaps adopting measures such as multi-member districts and ranked-choice voting to broaden representation."




Francis Fukuyama
Freeman Spogli Institute for Intl Studies, Stanford

"I strongly support broad adoption of ranked choice voting in US elections as the leading institutional reform that could potentially reduce polarization in the country."






Arend Lijphart
University of California, San Diego

"Proportional representation in multi-member districts is clearly the best system. Second best is RCV in single-member districts, because it reflects the preferences of voters much better than plurality and majority-runoff systems."





Lawrence Lessig
Harvard Law School
"The simplest and most fundamental solution to the gerrymandering problem is to end the significance of the line drawing itself: multi-member districts with ranked choice voting would do exactly that. The Fair Representation Act would allow Congress to represent all of America. It would stop the politicians from drawing districts to allow them to pick their voters, rather than voters picking their politicians."





Academic Authorities Recommending the Fair Representation Act:


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