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Fewer Americans Experience Competitive Congressional Races

Fewer Americans Experience Competitive Congressional Races
The Washington Post's GovBeat blog reported yesterday that fewer and fewer people live in a places that have competitive state house and senate races. Using analysis provided by Ballotpedia, they found that "less than 5 percent of the U.S. population lives in a state House or state Senate district where the two leading candidates finished within 5 percentage points of each other."

The article also points out that U.S. House and Senate elections also lack competition. Moreover, the fact that the Senate lacks competition reflects that the problem is not just Congressional redistricting and gerrymandering. The electorate is becoming "increasingly polarized... with fewer voters willing to consider candidates from either party."

FairVote has a solution to the problem of increasing political polarization, and that solution is fair representation voting. Fair representation voting would ensure that voters can participate in meaningfully competitive elections. Furthermore, fair representation voting would make sure that more voters have representation in elected office. Learn more about FairVote's solution here.

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