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FEC Ordered to Scrutinize Presidential Debate Rules

FEC Ordered to Scrutinize Presidential Debate Rules

When America goes to the polls to choose a new president every four years, the Presidential Debates are a key way for citizens to learn about the candidates and decide who to support. Unfortunately, the Commission on Presidential Debates (the CPD), which is supposed to be non-partisan, has long excluded every presidential candidate but the two from the Democratic and Republican parties. By favoring these two major political parties over all other voices, the CPD has shut out other views. 

Last April, FairVote filed an amicus brief to support Level the Playing Field and the other plaintiffs who argued against this unfair structure. These organizations sued to force the Federal Election Commission to take a serious look at the biased actions of the CPD. This week, a judge agreed. U.S. District Court Judge Tanya S. Chutkan ruled that the FEC disregarded significant evidence which showed partisan behavior on the part of the CPD. Now, the issue must be taken seriously.

FairVote is happy to see the courts acknowledge these missteps, and looks forward to a future where all voices are given a chance to be heard by the American voters. 

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